e21FORUM 2016「Vision with Intelligence: Amazing New Era!」

2016 is set to be an important year for technological progress, the pace of technological progress has gone beyond sensory experience and progressed into the level of artificial intelligence (AI). AlphaGo, an AI weiqi (Go) system that attracted global attention when it defeated weiqi champion early this year, was the result of significant progress in big data calculation and Deep Q-Learning technologies, that enable machines to imitate the human ability to think. AlphaGo has once again revived the hot topic of AI.


In addition, with various major companies simultaneously launching virtual reality (VR) products. As VR technology becomes more common and matured, we as consumers can enjoy immersive experiences via a combination of technologies such as computer graphics, simulation, sensors and artificial intelligence.

Technology has again opened new horizons for mankind. In the future, we will use AI to constantly challenge and overcome the limitations of human intelligence. The e21FORUM “Vision with Intelligence: Amazing New Era!” is the biggest forum of COMPUTEX 2016. Through the forum, we will come to appreciate how human intelligence ultimately brings us new and useful technology.


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