e21FORUM 2017「Featuring the Smart Future」

Mobile devices, social network platforms, big data, and cloud computing are the four major technological trends at the beginning of the 21st century; they have now become the norm. The emergence of these four technologies became the foundation for the creation of AR/VR, Internet of Things, robots, and 3D printing technologies, which also gave birth to a smart planet, smart cities, smart logistics, smart living, as well as many other different applications. When the supercomputer AlphaGo defeated the world champion from South Korea, it generated a wave of frenzy for the global development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This includes self-driving cars, drones, and other smart machines. In the future, machines will be able to understand, learn, make predictions, and even self-operate.

Wearable devices and smart home appliances on the market today are living proof that technological development will lead us into a future based on smart living. Provide assistance in developing new forms of energy, or use smart management to improve the efficiency of energy use. In terms of medical technologies, they are starting from basic features such as monitoring physical conditions in real-time to assisting with the development of new drugs and updating medical skills. The rapid digital transformation in various fields has created many new products and generated new demands, which will lead to significant changes for all mankind with respect to production, business, living, learning, and thinking. The e21FORUM not only investigates new technologies, but also describes our future world built by science and technology; a world that is fully intelligent.


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